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Saturday, June 27, 2009


The rain is pouring outside and, as odd as it is for Arizona, has been most of the day. It seems we have our monsoons early this year, which is fine by me as it keeps the heat down.

As I sat quietly, working diligently on photography projects, I began to listen to the pattern of the rainfall. Wow, why is it I never took the time to stop and listen hard enough before, to realize that rain could fall in a pattern? I just thought it came down randomly.

It was almost like a symphony - click, click, click, splat splat -
click, click, click, splat splat, plop, faster and faster, building as if to a musical crescendo and then slowing down to an almost inaudible tick, tick, splat, tick, tick, splat.

The more I stop and take the time to listen to nature, the more I realize just how many sounds we take for granted and how many we never hear consciously - either because we're too busy, or just because we have so many other things on our minds.

I am making a conscious effort to slow down and try to find all of the wonder there is to discover in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations of nature. We are not on this planet long, or in this realm, but I believe the more we experience, the more we are able to take with us when we leave it. Maybe that is why photography intrigues me so much. It allows me to capture moments in time as well as the beauty I find wherever I find myself.

Thank you Mother Nature!!!

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Anonymous said...

did this work. I didn't see anything that said "leave a comment" but I clicked on o comments under Thank you mother nature and it gave me this option.

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