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Monday, March 2, 2009


Is this the cutest little guy or what? On our hike this past weekend through Sonoita Creek, we happened upon this little fella who happened upon some great nuts (not Grape Nuts) and decided he was going to enjoy their luxurious flavor whether we were there snapping pictures, or not. He let me get in about five shots before he darted off to frolic in the nearby creek. They all came out rather well despite that blasted tree limb in the way.

Did you ever have the pleasure of watching the original, first season of Saturday Night Live? Well I did, and now, through the magic of DVD and Netflix, so has my son. And, much to my enjoyment, he loves it, especially the land shark (candygram), and Emily Latella. Gilda Radner portrayed many a character that first season: Babwa Wawa and Roseanne Rosannadanna come to mind immediately, but none so beloved as the ever-hard-of-hearing Emily Latella. The last episode we watched entailed Emily doing her usual editorial on Chevy Chase's Weekend Update, this week on stubbings in school. "What's all this I hear about so many stubbings in schools these days? Are the kids of today wearing sandals and not watching where they walk? Are they clumsy enough to slam their toes into every corner they try to turn? What about more serious problems in the world like teens shooting one another or all the violence in New York City. I just don't think these silly stubbings..." at this point Chevy interrupts Emily to say, "Emily, it's not stubbings in schools, it's stabbings," to which Emily always replies, "Oh, well that's very different. Never mind."

If I've been having any low moments lately, they have been lifted by the constant craziness of shows of my youth. I have even brought in, for my son to watch with me of course, early episodes of Laugh In as well. I recommend to anyone having hard times these days to invest in happy movie or show memories from their youth. Although I'm sure they won't cure anything, they certainly offer a much-needed share of fond memories and gaiety in an otherwise stressful time in life.



Dawn said...

I am relatively new to the old SNLs...I never watched them as a kid. And though I don't really care for the current stuff (except for during the election!), I do enjoy the old Gilda stuff. That original crew really was something. Glad you are able to share this bit of nostalgia with Brice. For us, that means Schoolhouse Rock, Star Wars and Rocky and Bullwinkle. Man, they don't make stuff like that anymore!

audrey h. said...

Hi Kimberly.....just checking in to see how you are doing. They say laughter is the best medicine don't they. I definitely need to watch some shows from my younger days as they are the best...just like the music too. Hope your low moments become less and less. Take care :) Later.

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