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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I woke up this past Tuesday (which I feel is always a good sign of the day to come) and, as I habitually do, I casually glanced out the window to see what the morning weather was like.  Imagine my surprise!!!!  My son Brice was like, "Mom, it snowed," to which I lovingly replied, "Duh!"  He was so excited that he started to dash toward the back door.  I halted him in his tracks only to suggest that he consider putting on a heavy coat and some shoes as pajamas are not generally too warm in the snow.  A reaction to be expected from boy raised in the desert.  He laughed, put on his heavy coat and shoes, and ran out the door.  I took my time of course as I am never too eager to run out into the cold without first preparing for frost bite. LOL.  This was probably the most snow we've seen in a few years, inch-wise.  It measured 4 inches in our backyard.  

Brice made a snowball and then opted to see
 how big he could get it.  

Then, as all son's do, he held it up as if he were going to throw it at me. 
 I of course ran into the house because now that he is older 
and taller than me, I was sure his aim had improved.

The scariest element of a snow day in Arizona?  People freak out to drive in it, and for those of you who have lived in this part of the country before, you know that people around here tend not to be the best drivers in the first place.  Thank God the snow melted of by noon or the air would have been constantly permeated by the shrill sound of sirens for the rest of the day.  

All in all, it was great to have a snow day and enjoy a little bit of winter.  We also got to see why people from cold states move to places like this, or at least winter here.  Brrrrr.


Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, does that bring back memories?! Do you remember the year we got snow and they shut down Ft. Huachuca? It was probably only about 4-5 inches, but man, when you live in the desert, not exactly something they know how to deal with. We have had lots of the powdery stuff this year, great fun for the kids. I have a feeling though that we have seen the last of the real snow, and slowly but surely spring is on its way.

audrey h. said...

Hey Kimberly........would you believe that I have never seen snow. But I also live in Florida, lol. Oh, and that is one big snowball that Brice made :)

Getty72 said...

Hiya Kimberly :)

I am finally backin the world of the living and back to blogging again.. YAY!!! Just wanted to pop by and say hello :) Your book arrived and has been a regular source of conversation with my visitors. They have all loved it, as do I. Your photographs are so fabulous and the whole package looks soooo truly professional.

Hope you are well? speak soon!

Graham xx

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