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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been having the most fun lately in creating more mattes and books. This is a portfolio that I created with a forget-me-not cover. I've always wanted hand made portfolio, so I sat down for days and invented the dimensions for this one. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

This picture of my mother and father's wedding was really fun to create. I mounted the entire piece on a matte board with a matte frame. I also mounted some small pieces of matte onto the board reflecting words like Timeless, Remember and Treasure. I then mounted the pictures on doors that open to reveal their names and wedding date on a map of the city they were married in, circling the town they settled in and where I was born. I'm gonna give this one to mom. She said she wanted it to hang in her house.

I've also been very busy creating books, which as you know, is a huge passion of mine.
Long tall Sally here sports two bells on the spine and is as tall as legal sized envelopes, which are sewn into the signatures every three pages and sealed with Velcro for ease in opening and closing.

This book has hemp-lined chopsticks as clasps.
Once you pull them back you can open the flap on the right to reveal the paper inside right next to the pencil box. The pencil box holds pencils which I also wrapped in the same paper as the book cover. You could also use the box to carry pens and/or various office supplies.

It has been hard few weeks, what with all this job searching and all, but all of this crafting has literally saved my sanity (what there was left of it anyway).


Dawn said...

First off, are you looking for a new job because you don't have the old one anymore or because you are still looking for something more rewarding? You are still working at the bank, aren't you?

Second, love the work you are doing. So funny about the portfolio...was watching Miss Potter again the other day and thinking I want to make a little portfolio like hers...which is just like the one you made. Great minds, eh? The book with pencil box is very cool as well. You really have been "booking" it along, haven't you *grin*

audrey h. said...

You are so creative. Everything in this post is gorgeous. Love the tall book you made but my fave is the frame with the pic of your mom and dads wedding....gorgeous! Hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

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