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Thursday, March 12, 2009


As I walked amongst the tall cottonwood trees, amid a dense forest by a beautiful rippling creek, with a cool, gentle breeze at my back, I asked myself, "Does it get any better than this?"

Though I live in the desert, and not by choice because I would much rather have stayed by the ocean from whence I came, I have managed, through many active and knowledgeable Arizonians, to have found the most intriguing and beautiful spots of all.

I never realized just how much nature existed in the desert. We were hiking through Sonoita Creek area and came upon 8 blue heron nests. Every single nest had a daddy on a branch as a look out and a mommy in the nest with at least three babies a piece. Blue herons are so large, in fact the last one I took pictures of, standing on its feet, came up to my neck. I found it so interesting and picture worthy that these large fowl are able to build huge nests at the very top of a tree and still have it support all of that weight. I decided they have to build the nest at the very top of the tree because their wingspan is incredibly wide, much too wide to land effectively on the mid to lower branches.

On another, completely unrelated note, I am finally getting back into crafting. I am assembling fat book pages as much as I can while I await the last pages from one of my round robin group members. There are still five of us left and believe it or not, we managed to remain in tact thus far. I will be posting more pics of these new projects as they progress. In the meantime, I will remain ever in awe at these beautiful discoveries in the desert. Nature Rocks!!!!!

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