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Monday, March 30, 2009


For me, one of the most exciting things about the onset of Spring is the ability to put color back into my garden. Although Arizona is going through its freaking windy season right now, and I mean hurricane force windy, I still managed today to plant all of my flowers, herbs and vegetables and declare war on every weed that got in my way!!!!

I'm also getting that underlying feeling, which grows stronger as Spring approaches, that I have way too much stuff in my house, in my storage, in my yard and everywhere else in my life. This happens every year (sometimes several times a year). I believe it's nature's way of putting me in the mood to Spring clean (several times a year~not just in Spring).

Spring has also brought with it (actually it just timed out like that) several new and sometimes scary, life changes. My son, Brice, is now driving. Dawn, if you're reading this you'll be as freaked out about this as I am. I have to be the teacher because Arizona of course offers no driver's courses. Although he is proving to be quite a confident driver with practice, I remain constantly nervous, especially at the high speeds (anything over 50.) I don't think is particularly because Brice is the driver (of course that's a lot to do with it), as much as it is the fact that I'm usually the driver all the time for Brice and my mom and I've become quite the nervous rider if not able to be the one in control of the vehicle.

As I end this post, I wish you all thorough enjoyment of the onset of Spring and hope that everyone will be able to get out there and put some color into your life; not just in the garden, but every aspect of your life. One thing my mother's cancer has taught me is just how precious every moment is. Spend them wisely and tell those around you how much you love them and how precious they are to you.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

We have the same ridiculous winds in Okieland over the weekend and I have to admir I never even ventured out! But I need to make the same effort in the garden. Love what you did with the piccie.

Dawn said...

First of all...TOTALLY get that spring itch thang! Am so going through that right now. Purge, purge, PURGE! (Helps that VOA is coming through next week to pick up stuff--yeah!).

Secondly, OH MY GOSH!!!! Is that boy driving already?! What?! Brice, you are turning me into an old woman, so cut that out *grin* Man, I still remember you sitting on my lap and letting me hug all over your cute little 4 year old self. Sigh.

Spring, although a wet and rather cold one, is in full swing here and we have lots of garden and yard work to be doing. And the redecorating of a certain little boy's room as it transforms into a big boy room (Star Wars...that's my boy!).

Miss you two to pieces!!

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