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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Our life, as gifted to us in the beginning, is one large lump of time. Each individual receives this lump at birth and has only that allotted time in which to choreograph and shape what will become their life in totality. Some are blessed with more time than others, some are blessed with less, but the secret is not to waste a second of it. We must cherish every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every

year to the point that it could be
our last. That which is wasted on wishing we were older, wishing we were younger and wishing we had different circumstances, can nev
er be regained. Hold this time in your heart like a new born baby and cherish it as such. Laugh at everything possible, take joy in everything around you, love as often as you can, and befriend as many people that cross your path. In doing so you will enrich your life to its fullest.

Essentially, we are born into this world alone, we have to make decisions and live our lives alone, and we die alone. If we are lucky, we are born into families who nurture us and share in our lives, and as we get older we find friends and lovers to share with as well. If we learn to love ourselves, cherish who we are and love who we are, while all the while sharing ourselves with others, we can ask for no more.

Our children are on loan to us to teach and nurture so that they may go out into the world alone and choreograph and mold their lumps of time. We do not own them, just as wives, husbands, parents and siblings do not own each other. I think the keys to life consist of understanding two things: first, that you are you, basically one person on their own eternally, but able to share yourself and your time with others and second, knowing that we must not waste time with needless worries about materialistic ventures and ideals. Once you have these keys in your grasp, you can unlock the secrets to any realm you choose.

When I try extremely hard to shape my life into what I truly want it to be, it usually happens and I feel happiness from a soul depth. Other times I find myself working and going home and sleeping and complaining about parts of my life that bother me. This is wasteful and pointless, not to mention unhealthy. I am so thankful for this time that I have been given and have realized more frequently just how precious each day is to me and how much I want to fill up every day with the things that are important to me.

Make time now, even if it's ten minutes a day to keep for yourself, if only for a cup of tea or coffee, meditation, a favorite book or song, time with a cherished one, or time spent on a passionate venture.
You will soon realize just how little certain things truly matter in the grand scheme of things and just how free you can be.

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