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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Looking back on 2008, even though it was one of our toughest years so far, I feel strength and growth like never before. The old saying, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger," holds dear to my heart. My mother has just about beaten her cancer (I am still praying every night), my brother Scott is working on getting his health back from his setback, and I managed to find a job (having to take a $6.00 per hour cut in pay).

Most days I felt no younger than 92 because of everything they entailed to get through, but get through them I did.

The job is a blessing in that we are making ends meet, but barely. I am still looking for a job and think I might be on top of one right now. I have to go through a rather long application process, but it pays at least $9.00 per hour more than I am making right now and it is in the criminal justice field, which is what my degree is in, so I think it would be something that would really make me happy, while earning enough of a living to keep the house. Oy the turmoil.

Brice is such a blessing to me. He is growing every day in every way and I couldn't be a prouder parent. He is probably going to run away from home soon if I don't get my menopausal mood swings under control (and who could blame him). He is almost through his sophomore year and has become ever more the deep, reflective individual he's always been. I love the way his mind works and his sense of humor.

I had my first coffee table book published (see post below) and several calendars ready for sale. This to me was the most exciting thing to happen in a year necessitating challenge, hardship, soul-searching and just wallowing through the mire.

I want to wish everyone a very, healthy and HAPPY 2009, along with the years to follow. Thank you for dropping by my blog and visiting me. I cherish your comments and posts and the fact that you took the time to drop in. Please keep the comments coming and I will visit you as well.

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