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Monday, September 1, 2008


I recently commissioned my dear friend Dawn of Artist Reborne, who also has a new shop called Red Barn Mercantile, to create a piece of art for my wall.
She has been creating these canvases which utilize photographs that people send to her in black and white, and colorizing them as she intricately blends them into the canvas and its background. I am proud to own a Dawn Rice originale.

On the other side of the room hangs one of my favorite pieces, note the red barn. This piece is about twice the size of the canvas that I received from Dawn, and I am hoping one day to replace that
piece with another Dawn Rice originale in the same large size. She says she will think about it. Definitely a future project, but a project nonetheless.


Dawn said...

You are so funny! I love to see what it looks like hanging up...but now that I see it, man, it does look small! *grin* Just let me know what you are thinking of for the next one...and thanks for the advertising. Love ya!

Getty72 said...

Such great work and it looks lovely on your walls!!! My walls are completely bare at the moment, I think it is about time I did something about it. You are a great inspiration!

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