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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I wander deep into the abyss of where I originate;

Not knowing why I exist in this realm or what my purpose be;

The urge to fly envelopes me, swallows me whole;

Until I no longer understand the shackles of physical being;

I see beyond the skin and bones, above the realm of all I’m told;

I feel welded to the earth, but long to float above it and watch;

To ponder all living things as they ponder their purpose and make their way;

To soar from place to place; only lighting for moments at a time to catch my weary breath;

I feel mortality ebb as my soul intertwines with the universe;

Are we individual units, or intricate pieces of a celestial cog?

The feeling is deep; from the depths of my center;

I must wander and roam, for that is the only way to find the center of my universe.

© 2008 Kimberly Miller

She is She:

A woman, like no one you’ve ever met; an unrefined jewel of raw mineral ore;

Elusive, delicious, an enigma to behold when she allows you to behold her;

She tells you when or if; you do not cross the line; she is she; a woman undefined;

To know her, is to want her, to yearn to envelope her entirety, entirely;

To long to breathe her in and feel her in your everlasting moments;

She is art; a woman no one owns; a person of the soul; she is she.

© 2008 Kimberly Miller


rho said...

beautiful... and the photo goes perfectly with it!


audrey h. said...

Kimberly...these poems are beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

you have a very magical way with words

I love that cloud. It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz - and that there is a house in the air just outside the edge of the photo.

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