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Monday, June 9, 2008


I got busy this weekend on a project that has been long overdue in the execution. My neighbors, Tim and Bob, have a stockpile of discontinued tiles and they let me go through them and pick out all that I wanted for free. They are really sooo wonderful. I love them so much!!! I happened to have some left over grout and mortar, and even found some leftover grout sealer from past projects. My backyard steps are now the envy of the neighborhood (well, at least the three neighbors that have seen it so far - *giggle*). It's great to look out my back door now and not see two, gray, concrete steps that blend in a bit too well with the pavers.

If you ever want to do a project like this one, you can generally talk your local tile and/or flooring store, into letting you have their old samples and leftovers from past jobs. Sometimes they charge, but in the past I have been able to get permission to go through the "scrap" in their warehouses. One person's scrap, is another person's treasure. In this case, thank God for good friends.

1 comment :

rho said...

your steps look awesome! what a great idea to dress up that spot. gives it such a finished look! good job!

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