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Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, the RoundRobinExpress 10-Item Swap Creation is on. I just received my partner, Stacy's, items in today's mail, and by coincidence, she just posted that she received mine. The rules of the swap are that we each have partnered up and each set of partners swaps 10, very random items with each other, makes an original creation using these items, and then returns the creation back to their original owner. So basically we get our items back, but in a much better form. We have ten days from the date we receive the items, to mail back the creation. We are all excited and everyone seems to be having fun so far.

The Round Robin altered books are going great as well. There are just some beautiful two-page spreads going into these books. When we have finished, we are surely going to have a beautiful piece of collaborative art to treasure. I already have a spot picked out on my wall for when I finally get it back into my excited hands.

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crazydaisy said...

Oh man, I love perusing your blog! It gets my creative juices flowing! I have some new ideas after looking at your stuff. I AM a copycat, but I alter the ideas!!!

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