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Friday, April 14, 2017



Truer words have never been spoken… “You get what you settle for”…period.  What we allow ourselves to have is what we have, and what we allow ourselves to be, is who we are.  This is another aspect in keeping with the theme of my last post.

Abundance is everywhere…it is the way of the world, but most of us are taught that life is hard and unforgiving and we have to scrimp and save and work for the things we want. Eventually our thoughts are very limiting and we become conditioned to believe that we will never have very much and that we aren’t really worth it. 

Everything we are and everything we have is energy based.  Energy attracts energy and is drawn to all other energy and, therefore abundance in all forms is all around us…we merely have to ask and it will manifest.  I have never seen more proof of this than I have lately.  I ask for things to happen…and they do.  I need something and, without any money involved, it comes to me.  The difference between then and now?  I believe…I believe I can have abundance…I believe I can and will have anything and everything I need.

Settling is a byproduct of fear and/or a lack of self-confidence and self-love.  It says to the universe, “I can’t do any better,” or “I’m tired of trying and this is all I can do,” and the universe answers back, “Okay, if you say so.”  The universe isn’t going to grant you anything you don’t ask for and believe without a doubt that you can have.  Everything will happen in its own time for the plan that is laid out for your life, and everything will always work out, but be careful of what you think about and wish for because you will attract to you even the things you do not want by giving them attention and energy.  Remain positive in your thoughts and your wants and desires and you can have all of these things and more.

Take stock of your life…look around and ask yourself if anything in your life is the way it is because you settled.  If the answer is yes, ask yourself what you are going to do about it.  Did you settle for a relationship?  If not, do you stay in one because you don’t believe you can have the person you truly desire?  Do you have the home you want, the career, the experiences you want?  Do you ultimately live the way that makes every fiber of your being deeply happy and satisfied?  If not, ask for the things you really want in your life, for the people and the situations and I guarantee that they will come to you.

My wish for you is that you have all you ever ask for.

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