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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Home...a place or a state of being? Some will argue back and forth, but I feel that it can be either...if one or the other works for you...or it can be both. For me, I believe you dwell in a house, but the feeling that you belong there and make it the place you want it to be is what will make it a home. For me, a home is definitely a state of being...for example, I feel at home in my body because of all the work I have done physically and spiritually to find out who I am, make the changes I can make and accept the things I cannot change.

How will you know when you meet the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with...the one person who never leaves your mind, not even for a second, day or night, night or day? The person you want the whole world to know is with you...whose hand you have to hold when you walk anywhere together. How will you know you have found the person you're meant to love rather than loving a person you've settled for because you've maybe lost hope that you would ever find this “meant-to-be” person or you didn't believe in the first place? You will know because she feels like home...(or it may be a “he” for you). Her kiss will melt you in all the right places...all the will fill you with purpose and intent...the purpose of pressing your lips together will not be a mere prelude to sex, but rather the intention of melding your souls...every touch has intention...the intention to express this pure and real love...this feeling of home. You will never feel more alive than you do with her..she is your twin flame (not a soul-mate or soul-sister or any of those other terms...there is a major difference). I have not yet found my "meant-to-be" home with someone else... but I know it will happen.

Home is a state of being, a feeling, a realization and a's what the soul wants...what it needs...what it will never fully feel alive without. For me, she feels like home and I can't wait to find my home...what feels like home for you?

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