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Monday, December 12, 2016


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When I hear people say, "I need to find myself," I picture them packing up provisions and setting off on a long, complicated trek in dry terrain, leaving no stone unturned until they find their lost soul. My one question is this...why do so many people start this journey, but so few people ever actually find themselves?

When you set out to find yourself, you might want to keep these wise words in mind, "Be careful what you look for, you just might find it." I think the real reason so many people don't actually find themselves when they finally want to is because 1. they don't realize how much work it will actually involve and 2. because they become afraid of what they might find.  

It takes a lot of work to find the real you because you generally have to accept all the parts of yourself...even the bad. Acceptance, even of the things you aren't really happy about, is is the one factor to success in this journey because if you don't accept all aspects of who you really are, you cannot effectively make the changes you need to complete the journey.  You also have to throw fear out of the window (which is a great thing to do in general) and be ready for anything and everything.  If there is fear, there is resistance and back-peddling, which will keep you from your journey and your truth...ultimately from your true path. Be ready to face it all...and you will find it

I am personally so grateful for who I am and what I have and for my life.  I can honestly say that I love my life and I owe it all to that first step I took on the journey to find myself...Is it perfect? Of course not because if it were it wouldn't be necessary anymore.

I hope your journey is an amazing success and that you find the you that makes you happy.

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