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Monday, June 27, 2016


There's a lyric in a song by BOY entitled, "This is the Beginning," that goes, "Your eyes are the camera, your heart is the frame." Every time I hear this lyric I think of all the people I've ever been extremely close to and lost...especially my mother.

Loss, while certain, may just be the toughest part of life because we spend years with someone, nurturing our relationship with them, the good times, the bad, the hard times, the laughter, the love, the connection, only to be left behind. What may be the point then, you might ask? The journey...making sure that your heart becomes a permanent frame to cherish all that that person has meant to you...the lessons you learned from them and them from you..,.the soul-bonding that will never be the same with one person as it is with another...the unique imprint that that individual has left upon who you are at its very core...that's what it's all other words, the love. 

Love enters our lives in so many ways and its meaning changes from person to person, relationship to relationship, heart to heart. The love of a parent with its child seems to me to be the greatest bond of all for when you lose that, you feel so alone in this there will never again be a person you can turn to like you could the parent or parent-figure in your life. The love of a partner or soulmate, when lost, can leave you devastatingly a part of you yourself has gone. This however, is the biggest part of the journey, nurturing these relationships and then, when they have ebbed from your life, keeping them embedded in your heart as there is nothing more sentimental than that.

Always remember to cherish those people in your life who mean the world to you, even if you don't always see eye to eye, because one day they will be gone and then it will be too late to let them know that you loved them so much you framed them (with your heart).

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