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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


You know how, when you're walking along in public and you stumble over something small or trip over your own feet, you quickly look around to see if anyone was looking? Yeah, we've all been there...right? Well that's the same feeling you can get when you are working toward your personal goals and people catch you stumbling. You tend to look around and see who, in your circle of friends and family, was looking. It can deter you from moving forward...if you let it.

We all stumble...that is a huge part of life. If we were getting it right all the time, day in and day out, there would be no point...we would cease to exist. The trick is not to let it deter you from reaching your goals. We all have goals and/or dreams and fantasies...things we wish would happen in our lives and that is the journey we are on every single day...even in the little ways that we take for granted or barely notice. But you have to be true to yourself and let no one get in your way or stop you from finding those dreams and reaching those goals. There is no blame and no shame's human nature. People who judge you usually do so out of jealousy/envy...but remember other peoples' opinions of how you live your life need not ever factor into your living it the way you want. Stay true to you and be grateful around every turn for every wonderful, amazing thing that happens in your life. You will find that more you express gratitude, the more wonderful things you will have in your life...miracle after miracle...abundantly.

You are human and from time to time you need encouragement...a little cheering squad if you will. Even if you are a life-coach, a counselor, a therapist or psychologist/psychiatrist, you still need someone to talk to when things aren't going according to plan in your are alive and you occasionally need a cheering squad. Talking your problems out with someone you trust is pure gold. Trusting someone enough to share your secrets and aspirations is priceless.

Don't worry about who is looking when you stumble because you will...and so will they. It just doesn't matter. All that matters is that you get back up, smile like you meant to stumble and move ahead with confidence and a positive attitude. I know that when I remember that my life is so much smoother.

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