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Monday, August 24, 2015


(c) Kimberly D Miller
Barn in Lakeside, Oregon

As I sat on the beach eating lunch today, basking in the beauty of the horizon, marveling at how it gently pushed the waves to the shore, I felt so comfortable in my own at peace and so grateful to be alive. Gazing into the sand I noticed that each individual grain, like each individual human being, is so different from one another and seems so small and insignificant on its own, however all of the grains together make up an entire beach, inasmuch as all human beings make up humanity.

I also had a realization that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience and in that human experience we are capable of giving and receiving awesome is that? It sets us apart from other species and it is what makes us so unique and wonderful. In that moment I felt a poem enrapture me, longing to jump out onto the blank page before me (poems usually leave my soul in this way) and I wanted to share it:

(c) August 2015 Kimberly D Miller

Take my heart, all of it, a gift from me to you;
Let's break the rules, let's be ourselves, let's start a life anew;

We're laying inside a blanket of faith, holding on so dear;
We're swimming in romance, drowning in love, year after year after year;

Release your fears, inhale the truth and look into my eyes;
Hold my hand and pull me in, let's feel our passion rise;

Within your eyes I see the truth, buried deep inside;
Taste the life I offer you and try it on for size;

Take my heart, in your hands, you can have it all;
We are bound, each to each, one to one, soul to soul.

I hope you find the time to sit in an environment that makes you feel at peace and ponder just how wonderful life really is so you will know deep down in your soul in that moment, that all things will work out they way they should...they have no other choice.

Deer in My Front Yard
(c) Kimberly D Miller

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