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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Sometimes I write poems to free up my head and my know to kind of purge all of the feelings I am having to make room for more.  I like to write several at a time and piece them together with a theme, like a tapestry.


Come and take a trip with me, let me hold your hand;
Come and see my world with me, you seem to understand;

I think you really see me, like no one has before;
You see what's hidden in the dark, what's beyond the door;

People never see inside my deepest, darkest depth;
But you have broken through it all, you took away my breath;

I thank you for the privilege to see inside your soul;
You let me in and trusted me, an honor I behold;

I feel your trust within my soul, my faith in you is real;
Faith I've never known before and been afraid to feel;

Let me show you what can be, a life you've never known;
I want you to unfold your dream, together not alone;

And this was the second poem:

** US **

I feel you through the distance, I know our souls are one;
I long to hold you close to me, so much I come undone;

We need to be together, if only for a time;
To show our hearts it's meant to be and walk across the line;

I need you now so desperately that I can scarcely wait;
To be with you completely, I know it must be fate;

I want to help you know the joy of being who you are;
Trust me now to take you there, I never will be far;

I cherish each and every word and thought and dream we share;
Do you know how much I need you, just how much I care?

We have a deep connection, so deep I never knew;
That I could fall in love like this, it's all because of you;

You opened up your heart to me and then you took my hand;
You let me see the fear in you, you knew I'd understand;

I know when we're together in body, mind and soul;
That we will finally feel complete and let go of control;

We'll finally know the the unison of feeling like we're home;
When our souls can meld as one and never be alone.

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