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Sunday, June 14, 2015


I am a junkie...that's right...I have an addictive personality and I am addicted to all things positive.

I was born into a family from which both sides were highly prone to addiction, especially on my father's side with alcoholism, although it was deep on my mother's as well. I so vividly remember how my father really never had a middle ground or a gray area. Things to him were either black or white, good or bad and people were either in his life or out of it. My mother was my saving grace because she was all gray area and I mean that in a good way. I always felt so bad for the rampant depression that plagued her life, but she was the one who could see the other possibilities in most situations and exercise forgiveness when people “messed up.” If not for her I would have no idea that a middle ground existed as I tended to take on most of my father's traits.

With divine help and guidance I have finally turned my negative life into a positive one, but I am not out of the woods yet. All change is hard and slow and so it should be. We take years building up all these negative ways that we live and it needs to be undone in a healthy and slow manner. I still have my tendency to addict to positive things and now that the positivity in my life outweighs the negativity, I feel like a junkie...but in a good way. I'm so happy this is happening and I now know that all the hard work I have spent years on is paying off. I see and feel it all around me. I no longer feel the need to dwell on past events and use those to base my fears on future events.

People who worry don't realize that what they worry about will eventually come true because they are giving that fear so much energy that they will actually create the very situation they are worried about. What is meant to happen...will happen and no amount of worry is ever going to alter that course.!!! You will NEVER have a life of happiness, joy and positive outcomes if you worry about things that may or will never, ever happen. Choose to be a positivity junkie. If you absolutely cannot quiet your mind from worry, begin by changing the verbiage of your worried thoughts, i.e., instead of the thought that says, “It's dark and I hope we don't die in a car crash because a deer jumps out of the trees and forces our car into the river,” force your head to make it positive. Try saying instead, “This is going to be a beautiful drive in the moonlight, sitting next to someone I love, feeling the cool breeze which smells like forest and river. Look how the moon glistens off of the river. I am so enjoying this moment in my life.” Now I know for some people this will be harder than hard, it was not easy for me when I first began this, but now it has become like second nature. I drive along and think, “Wow, what a beautiful day...thank you for all the wonderment and joy and awesome things I have in my life and the beautiful opportunities.” The more you put gratitude out into the universe, the more wonderful things you will receive in your life, but you first have to let go.

The first step in becoming a positivity junkie is to actively replace any and all negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones. You have to stop in your tracks when you notice them and do it then and there. The only regrets people usually have are for the unlived dreams they never tried to have It's true what they say, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear the unlived life. I will be the person who has had every wonderful experience she ever dreamed of and has no regrets. 

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