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Friday, May 15, 2015


A very wise person once told me that thoughts are things (thank you T.S.) and that what you think about comes to fruition. What truth there is to that!!! I never realized this so much until I began to turn my negative life into a postive one and now, wow, things that I think about, good and positive things, are entering my life and I'm so blown away by this concept. It makes sense though, because with everyone and everything being vibrational, you are naturally going to manifest what you think about.

What is changing you ask? Every part of my world. The way I view things now, the choices I make, the judgments I stopped making, my views about myself and my body, self-confidence and having love in my life. I feel free now. I used to have a three bedroom house and it was full of antiques and material things. Once I made the decision to change my life, I sold all of it. I admit at first it was difficult, but then I realized I just wanted to start over and start positive and be free. After everything was sold, I just experienced this lightness, this sense of being able to go and do as I please with nothing holding me down, including a house. Eventually I will find a piece of property on the river and a log cabin and build a huge garden on the river's edge (always a dream of mine) and I know I will find someone to share that life with and build on that.

Now I realize anything is possible. People don't realize it most of the time, but with their thoughts they are constantly telling themselves that things are not possible...that they are difficult and out of their reach and there is this or that standing in their way or people they don't want to hurt in the process or things they just “can't” get to work, etc. Tell yourself that you will have wonderful things, that they are in your reach, that you will spend your life with the love of your life, that you will gain what you want, that you will find the way and that it is possible.

I now know that I am going to live my dream life with the love of my life and that everything, even as we speak, is falling into its postive and wonderful place.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Turn them into positive and wonderful thoughts and manifest a postive and happy life. If I can do it, you can do it. May you be happy, healthy and blessed. I know I am.

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