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Sunday, May 10, 2015


I had to post this because it is working out so well for me that I wanted to offer it to others.  Our smartphones, whatever platform you use, have such amazing technology these days, so why not put it to work for you.  I downloaded a free app from Google Play called, "The To-Do Reminder."  I had mainly been using it for the obvious, daily reminder abilities it offers.  However, awhile back I decided to use it in a different way and it is working out really well.  For example, I have a daily reminder set for three times out of the day and when it goes off the reminder says to stop, check my thoughts and if there is anything negative there or stressful, to change it to something positive and make sure I take at least three, deep, diaphragmatic breaths, and then I am allowed to move on through my day.  In this way I am changing my thought patterns by first becoming aware of what they are and then by changing them to be positive and healthy thoughts.  Eventually it will become second nature, but for now this is a great way to make each day positive.

I also set another reminder for affirmations.  This one goes off in the middle of the day and also in the evening before bed.  It says, "I am happy, healthy, blessed, loved, loving, valuable, wealthy, prosperous, lovable, necessary, caring, helpful, confident, unique, and very much worth all good things."  These are words that work for me, but you may want to write different ones for you. 

I hope you try it as I know you will like it.

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