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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ever ask yourself if your life is dull?  I mean do you ever wonder why extraordinary things seem to happen to other people all the time but they just don’t happen to you on a more frequent basis. So did I once upon a time, until one day I realized that, in the words of an interview I saw with Stevie Nicks, “ There are two types of people in the world, realists and dreamers…I’m a dreamer.”  So I was like, “Yeah, I dream too,” but she meant that whatever it was she wanted out of life, she made the decision, damn the consequences, to live her dreams, hence the stardom and fame from her music and song-writing career.  I have noticed in my life, especially recently, that when I set my mind to getting something I want and I don’t care what the consequences are or fear how I will make something else happen while waiting for the results of my fantasy to happen, they usually happen and everything takes care of itself in the meantime.  It is SO amazing. 

I wish I could help people understand just how important it is to not only have fantasies and dreams, but to actually make them happen.   Ask yourself how fulfilled do you feel right now?  Are you out there living your life or sitting at your job or your house wishing you were somewhere else fulfilling your fantasies?  Fear is what stops most people from realizing their dreams.  They think things like, “In order to live out this fantasy, I would have to do this…which would lead to this probably happening…which may make so and so mad or irritated…or wouldn’t be fair to so and so,” or things like, “I wish I could…but I can’t risk it because of the money…and will I have money if I live my dreams or will I sink and become homeless…maybe I need to live safely.”  I get it, I really do, but I am here to tell you that you will never live a full and satisfying life denying yourself the things your heart and soul tell you it wants to experience.  Obviously I’m not saying to do things that will affect your young children in negative ways if you still have them at home, but if your dreams and fantasies are positive and good, then they will also be good for your children.  They will be happy in any positive situation that makes you ultimately happy.  You never know how much time you have and the clock is ticking on your allotment.

There are always ways to realize your positive dreams and fantasies and if you have faith that your heart will follow only the path that is meant to be, then follow it…all the way…to the end…no guilt…no regret…no looking back.  Your happiness is ultimately all that matters in the end…the VERY end. 


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