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Saturday, March 14, 2015


If you think about how we exist, there are two realms: the realm of understanding and the realm of “what is.” There may, of course be many more than that, but for the sake of this article let's keep the scope to a minimum.

As human beings we have an innate yearning to understand things; to reason things out and to seek knowledge about everything. We cannot know for sure why this is, but we strive for it consistently throughout our lives. Most of us have no knowledge as to this plane of existence, but we all know one thing...we are here. Why? Why are we here? Well, that really is the big question now, isn't it?

I believe we float in between two planes or realms, as I like to call them, i.e. the realm of understanding and the realm of “what is.” The realm of understanding being the more conscious state where we try to figure everything out, and the realm of “what is” being a less-conscious state where everything just is. No matter what you do or how hard you try, things just are. They will be what they will be, they are what they are, and they can only ever be what they ever will be.

Believing in ourselves, believing in God and/or believing in anything at all, is what seems to set us apart from other species. I see it most evident in the animal kingdom where, for example a bee has an instinct to flit from flower to flower to gather nectar to take back to the hive for his queen. He doesn't know why he does it and he doesn't fly around thinking, “Wow, I need a better job, I'm so sick of flying from stupid flower to stupid flower all day long for this bitch of a queen who sits on her ass while I do all the work and then I die without so much as a decent life span.” No, he just does his job without a thought about it, not realizing that he just also happens to be pollinating everything as he goes about his daily routine.

Our ability to think and reason is what sets us apart from other species and is also what makes us believe we are the dominant species, but are we? We don't even know for sure which realm is geared toward our own realities. We are vibrational, as is the universe around us, therefore it depends on which realm vibrates harmoniously with each of us independently, hence the difference in how different we are from one another, and yet the same. Sound confusing? Absolutely. I believe it is meant to be so confusing and yet so simple at the same time. We over-complicate things because we can. Those of us who can exist in the realm where things just are, tend to be the type of people we refer to as “laid back,” or “easy going.” Everyone else falls into the realm of understanding where we just have to know.

I believe the best part of all of this however, is that we coexist as one unit or one species, constantly as one, and constantly at odds with one another. I am striving to vibrate more in the realm of the “what is,” and stop allowing the realm of understanding to take over my world as it is an unhealthy balance in which I exist. I believe that balance is the key to all things good and positive and healthy. When you live or vibrate too much in either realm, you are out of balance, which I have been my whole life up to this point. I now have a much better understanding of how to balance this out and because of this understanding can usurp the benefits of balance.

If you feel like you are out of balance, take stock of how you see things, how you vibrate with the world around you, and figure out how to exist more in the realm of “what is.” It is a much nicer place to live.

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