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Thursday, March 12, 2015


(One of my earlier works, I love creating covers)
I love to take walks, not only for the physical benefits, but for the wonderful spiritual benefits I get like the smell of the fresh air, the beauty of the trees and the water, the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the ducks at the park chasing me when I walk by (lol...just kidding).  

Usually when I walk I plug my headphones into my phone, which doubles as my music players, and listen to my very favorite artists, depending on my mood.  I have always LOVED Basia and lately have been listening to every song she has ever written, but I digress.  The point is that whatever music makes you happy, make sure that is what you listen to when you set out for your walk as you want your mood to be light and stress free when you set out. Today I realized that, even though life is wonderful on its own, when I set it to music it is spectacular. It drowns out the traffic noise and lets you concentrate on absolutely nothing in particular.  

I like to walk against traffic because I am a people-watcher and I find it is a great way to catch people doing things they wouldn't expect anyone to notice. I also get to see their faces and their expressions. Today it seems I noticed each emotion on people passing was crying and angry, one was grimacing, one was smiling, one was frowning, one had no visible emotion, one was laughing, three were talking on the phone, 7 were texting and driving and one was deep in concentration. I was also fortunate enough to catch sight of a man and wife who looked to be in their late 80's, talking and laughing as they passed me by.  At that point I realized that each car contained a different life, separate and apart from mine and yours, but equally important and real. Each person in each car is just a small drop in a sea of humanity...a small cog which aids in creating a species; each person very involved in their moment, having their time with life, so very interested in something pertinent to them at that time. 

What a pleasure it was to watch life today as set to music.  The theme songs wafting into my ears washed away any daily stress (which thankfully, isn't much anymore) and guided me toward a calm and beautiful journey back home.  

The next time you want to de-stress in the beautiful outdoors, go for a nice, long walk and set it to music. It's amazing how all of your senses will suddenly wake up and enjoy themselves.

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