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Saturday, January 3, 2015


I did some research this morning about self-love and I was completely lit up by what I found as though a light turned on inside of me.  This was another answer to a question I had been searching for for a lifetime.  My revelation is have to keep your word to yourself.  You have to know that you are the one person in the entire universe that you must remain true to.  If you always keep your word to yourself and keep your promises and stay true to your own convictions, never letting yourself down, you will always be self-confident, calm, centered, balanced and able to navigate each moment of life as though it were second nature.  Eventually, with practice, it will become first nature, which is the absolute best place for it.  There is nothing more powerful within yourself than to feel together and balanced and that self-confidence and love can bring you those things and more.  

Self-confidence is your personal key to unlock anything and everything you desire.  Once you have this key and master the laws of attraction, there is nothing you cannot have...nothing you cannot do.

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