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Thursday, November 27, 2014


(© 2014 Kimberly D Miller – Farm in Allegany, Oregon)
I have a question for those of you who do not believe in Jesus, and I ask this because I have never understood the practice…why do you celebrate Christmas? It seems that most people really do not understand what Christmas is all about.  Has no one watched, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” recently? For the life of me I will just never understand the need to commercialize this holiday.  This is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and yes, he wants us to give unto one another, but with our hearts and our love.  He means for us to love each other the way he does and give of that love freely to others.  He meant for us to give kindness and help to those we love and those in need the way he would, not go into debt buying an espresso machine for Aunt Sally.  I am guilty of this frame of mind as well because we were brought up getting everything we wanted for Christmas and were never really told of the meaning of the holiday.
It pisses me off when I walk into a store to buy something I need and am slapped in the face with all the Christmas bling (which is already up at Halloween ~ don’t even get me started on that).  I mean okay, decorate a little, maybe a week or so before Christmas, but they go way overboard and all in the name of pushing that sale down our throats and promoting the idea that Christmas is about nothing more than buying tons of presents for one another.
Another thing, what is with this “black Friday” crap?  Really?  They have to make one big shopping day before Christmas followed by one big sale after?  People get all excited and practically climb over the top of one another after standing in line all night in front of WalMart.   First of all the term “black” in front of a word usually denotes something bad, i.e. the “black” death.  What a horrible phrase yet, ironically fitting.  People are killing the spirit of Christmas and they don’t even care.  I wish I could get the message across to this capitalistic society to freaking relax, close all businesses for 2 or 3 days, enjoy Christmas with your loved ones and exchange kindnesses, even homemade gifts, as opposed to buying so many things that, let’s face it, people really don’t even need in the first place.
How many of you have or know kids who absolutely HAVE to HAVE certain things each year for Christmas, so you spend a lot of money granting their Christmas wishes and a week later those toys or items are long forgotten.  My son was that way when he was young because it was all about the hunt and the conquest. He quickly got over that when I showed him the kids whose names were on an angel tree in the mall requesting things like pants and shoes because they needed them so badly.
This year I am hopeful that anyone reading this will make the decision to honor the birth of Jesus on his special day and share only love, time and kindness (even a few homemade gifts (few being the operative word)), with the people in their lives as well as kindness to those you know of who are too proud to ask for help.  The stores will not go out of business if everyone doesn’t shot-til-they-drop, and if you absolutely need something there are sales throughout the year and the internet. 
Whatever holiday you honor, it is my sincere hope that you understand why you honor it and do so of your own free will because that is the only way it will ever really mean anything.

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