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I have always been quite "sensitive" and those of you who have known me for a long time know that from time to time I am privy to information regarding the future.  I acquired this gift from my mother who acquired it from her mother and back so many generations it's quite impossible to say just where it began.  I mention this fact only because recently I have been trying to come to terms with issues regarding my father and why I feel that he never loved me.   I realize my feelings in this area are largely based on the fact that he banned me from his life three and a half years before he died for the stupidest of all stupid reasons (he was very big on the "my way or the highway" theory of life), but I know deep down, during childhood, that he must have loved me to some degree.  I just could not remember the man ever saying, "I love you," to me or my brothers.  Hugs from him were pretty much nonexistent, but the occasional light punch in the arm


E ver notice how we, as human beings, tend to worry about things we have no control over.  In fact worry, by its very definition, means to fret about things that haven’t happened yet, which of course 99.9 percent of the time are things we have no control over.  Me?  Worry?  Guilty on all counts.  I don’t think everyone does it as often or as much as I seem to, and yet others surpass my worrying skills with leaps and bounds.   The other day I caught myself worrying about some silly thing (usually money, or lack thereof) and boom, it hit me.  I realized that each day we are given this wonderful gift, the gift of a new day, right when we wake up, and if we choose to do so, we start it with a clean slate.  We don’t have to carry anything over from the previous day if we make that conscious decision.  So, with this in mind, I woke up the next morning (thank you, God,) and I made that conscious decision to carry nothing over from the day before and see how this would wor