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Changing the Daily Grind

Ever wake up and think to yourself, “Great, another round of wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep, repeat.”  This must be the American dream, the one they don’t tell you about, the one where you work hard and pay your bills and taxes and ultimately have no life outside of those daily grind routines.  Well I, for one, have had enough.  I am so ready to get out of this rut.  I used to really love my part time job and building my business on the side, but recently it would seem that even my boss (who, if you happen to read this, I cherish very much and have never had a better one) has been taking me for granted along with everyone else in my life.  It seems I am trying so hard to please everyone else and not hard enough to please myself.  I know it has affected my mood as of late in that I am not happy and most unhappy people love nothing more than company so we go around being mean and disagreeable and try to make everyone else unhappy right along with us.  This is so