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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I just got back from having the best massage I've ever had, and I have to say, aside from the obvious pleasure of knotted muscle giving way to deep kneading, I enjoyed discovering my chakras and learning their colors and respective purposes.

I have always been a very spiritual person, not in the sense really that I have ever belonged to one religion or sect in particular, but in the sense of nurturing and exploring the individual spirit and its journey. I envision life as a beautiful and dense redwood forest, replete with mighty oak trees. Through this forest lies thousands of paths, twisting and forking their way through its density, sunlight beaming through open spaces in random places. Our journey winds us through this forest and down these paths, not just one path, but many different forks, all chosen for us and laid out on a grand map that we can never know on a conscious level. We must take each and every path, the good, the not so good, and the indifferent. Yes, we have free will and yes, we can can make our own choices, however those choices are launching pads to set us off in the direction we need to obtain our ultimate destination. A good example of this would be the "not so good" choices I made when I was in my twenties and how most of those results seemed quite horrible at the time, but out of all the muck, I emerged with this awesome soul as my son. I'm so fortunate to be able to share my journey with this intelligent, spiritual and loving soul and if I had not made those particular choices, he would not be in my life and I would be on a completely different path.

I guess the reason all of this was dancing through my mind is because I am fortunate enough to be able to embark on a spiritual journey/retreat this weekend with some very close and spiritual friends. We are traveling to T or C New Mexico and going to the hot springs there with a waterfall, eating foods grown locally, and staying with a shaman who will lead us with drumming circles and other spiritual ventures.

I am learning every day that life is one big learning tree and if we are smart, we learn from each and every thing, even the minute and minuscule ones that we take for granted every day. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the ultimate pwer and excitement of getting to know and understand ourselves on a deeper and deeper level. Every day we are in search of something, whether it's finding your keys, your other sock, or your cell phone, lessons are learned and paths are followed deeper and deeper into the forest's abyss, in search of...

Life Rocks!!!!!

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