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Monday, August 31, 2009


To love a child is a selfless act. It sparks the moment we conceive, and lasts to the very edge of the moment we transition into death.

A word that best describes our relationship with our children? Empathy. I choose this word as it is the only one I can think of in the wide world of vocabulary that accurately depicts what I have felt since my son's inception: Empathy:

* I cried when he was born and the doctor slapped him;
* I felt the pain during his first shot;
* I cried at night when neither one of us could figure out what
was wrong and why we couldn't sleep;
* I rooted for him as he struggled to his knees to crawl and
eventually to his feet to walk;
* I laughed hysterically the first time he discovered something
* I cinched with pain from every "owie" inflicted from falling
down and slamming fingers in doors;
* I sunk with depression when we had to leave each other on
his first day of day care;
* I rejoiced in the beauty of his first art creation as it was the
most beautiful thing we'd ever seen;
* I burst with pride when he was the first in his class to read
and on a level three times his grade;
* I felt great achievement for every report card ever brought
* I hung on every word when someone would comment on
what a wonderful person he'd become;
* I walked on cloud nine when he had his first crush;
* My heart broke the first time his was broken and we cried
* I feel every agonizing moment of frustration and confusion
through is teenage angst;

...and I'm torn between pride and loneliness with the anticipation of him setting out on his own. I know he will in some way, big or small, better the lives he touches and make the most of every aspect of life he chooses to live.

Thank you God, as I have known no greater gift than my son and the wonderful opportunity to love a child.

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