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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happiness Photography Challenge

The theme for this month's photography challenge at One Man's Travel blog, is Happiness. A rather fitting topic for the upcoming holiday season.

While there are many things that make me happy in this world, my son has been a constant source of happiness to me since his birth, and the longest bout of happiness I can recall. This picture was taken about 12 years ago, when Brice was about 3 years old. He was sitting on top of my Ford Ranger and our local lighthouse was visible in the background. I was so taken by the "overalls-with-no-shirt" look and the surrounding beauty, that this has always been one of my favorite shots of his growing years, and the topic of happiness, brought this picture to mind at once.


Dawn said...

Hey, I knew that little boy! Man, what a time warp :) Brice we love you kid, you always were good for a giggle.

Patience is a virgin, you know!

Getty72 said...

This is such a beautiful photograph... one cannot help but smile when looking at it. Your son is looks so happy, and the setting is so nice too. His outfit and the lighthouse in the background both really add a feeling of nostalgia to the image.

Truly wonderful, yet again so are all of your photographs. You are a great artist.

Warm wishes,


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