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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's that time of the month again (well, not that time - lol). But it is the time for Graham's monthly challenge at One Man's Travels, and this month he has chosen "Shadows" as the theme. I had to think long and hard on this one and when I began my trek, I had in mind to photograph small shadows within small objects, i.e. rocks.
It was at that point that I happened upon my own shadow and actually began to pose and move in different angles in respect to the sun's position. When I took a picture of my shadow with both hands on the camera, it looked odd to me, sort of like my arms were missing, or that they were oddly connected to my head.
Then decided to put one hand on my hip and take the picture with the other hand. This resulted in what seemed to be an accidental, deliberate, sensual pose. I took another one of a cactus and its shadows, but was not as happy with this one.

Again, I had a great time with this challenge Graham. These challenges make me push myself to go that extra mile and think outside the box, which, as luck would have it, tends to be my regular way of thinking the older I get. LOL.


Getty72 said...

WOW! Kimberly, this is a wonderful selection of images. I like the way that you have stepped completely out of the box with your interpretations, capturing the stones and cactus along with your fabulous "self" shadows. I am so glad that you are having fun with these challenges and I always enjoy seeing the results.

Fabulous work as always!!!!

Warmest wishes ~ Graham :)

Muse said...

love these! So glad you joined the challenge

Liss said...

Great pair of legs. The shots make me think of the funny mirrors they have at amusement parks. The good kind of mirror though not the ones that make you look short and fat :)

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