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Sunday, October 5, 2008


I didn't actually go spelunking, I mean, no caves were involved, but my son and I did go searching for artifacts, in the thrift stores and antique stores. We don't get to do this very often, but after the fun we had at the local art gala we decided to just stay out and continue to seek out new life and new civilization, to boldly go where no man...oh, wait, that's Star Trek - my bad!!! But we did continue to seek out new adventures and look what we found.

The first greatest find of the day, was this exquisite jewelry box for only $10.00. I try to imagine the jewelry and other treasures that have been in and out of this lovely piece. It is in very good condition, with only a few scratches on the outside. The top and sides are intricately carved. The inside dons 2 places for rings, two pouches lined with lace under the lid, a tuck away box in the center and three open trays. There are two drawers below that and all lined in voluptuous red velvet. I was impressed at how clean and in tact this box was, considering its age and history. It is so large that I was able to transport three of my small boxes of treasures into it and condense some space in my room. I absolutely fell in love with this jewelry box.

My second coolest find of the day was this picture book, circa 1818, in perfect condition (other than a few loose pages) for only $3.00. The pages are nicely yellowed through time, telling its tale of age and generation. If only it could tell its own story about who it has been with over time, I would sit and listen for hours.

I also happened upon this old, solid wood cigar box with metal hinges, also for $3.00. I love cigar boxes and if you combine that with the older, rarer, wooden type, I was ecstatic with this find. It didn't retain its genuine cigar smell inside, but I can imagine the sweet aroma. My grandpa used to smoke cigars occasionally, a cherry blend if I recall correctly. That particular smell always triggers fond memories.

And then, I happened upon some skeleton keys. I find these keys fascinating when you compare them to the keys of today. They are not as intricate in they way they were shaped to dislodge various tumblers in the lock, but they served their purpose and they did so well. One of these keys looks much like another and it is hard to imagine that they all opened different things. This bag of keys was a little pricey, but my son splurged for them for me. What a dude!

The piece de resistance, was this hinged, leather-covered box with a handle and metal corner protectors for a mere $7.00. There is nothing inside. I imagine it used to house a particular item, but now the possibilities are endless. Again, I know this piece could tell the most amusing stories.
I think that's what I find so intriguing about antiques - the fact that they have been around so long and various people have owned them or used them and passed them on. People have lived and died during their existence and they continue to be here. I wonder how many people read the story book, how many children learned to read because of this particular story book, and how many mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters used this particular book to soothe someone, entertain them, or put them sleep at night.

It certainly was a stupendous Saturday.

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