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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It definitely took a while, but here they are--16 tags for the Round Robin Express Element Tag Swap. One thing I was really happy about was finding tag templates that were larger than the original tag size as it is much easier to work on a surface of a larger size (especially when my glasses prescription is out of date and there are no immediate prospects of affording a new one).

There are five people in this swap (including myself) and we had to make one set of tags for each person, in this case four people. I made 4 tags for earth, 4 tags for water, 4 tags for fire, and 4 tags for wind/air. When all of the mailing is said and done, each person will have 16 awesome elemental tags to keep on their jump rings or save in whatever format works for them.

Creating these tags made me realize what an "outdoor" person I am and how into photography I am. I really wanted to make sure I used actual photographs to represent the elements, because I SO love being out in them, gardening, hiking, biking, chatting with a neighbor, floating in the pool. I think if I were able to find a place to put up a yert, I would find a nice river or creek down in a forest, preferably in the redwoods, and live in it there. I could then build huge gardens and live off the land. This is a long time fantasy of mine (not necessarily in a yert, a small cabin would do), which, in the near future I pray comes true.


Kristen said...

Love your tags, very unique! Your pictures are beautiful too :)

Kim said...

Beautiful work!!

Beth Leintz said...

Great theme for a swap!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

You have been a very busy lady! Great looking tags! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you sweet comment about my hand painted glassware!

sherry said...

I love the tags, I so wish I had gotten in on that swap!
I have wondered what to do with tags I have gotten in swaps. i love collecting them, and am not sure how to actually USE them, so finding a way to display them is the way to go. Thanks for the jump ring idea, any more great ideas???

audrey h. said...

Kimberly...these tags are fabulous and I love how you used real photographs.

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