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Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have had such a great week opening and sorting through the two packages Renee sent to me for this swap. I don't think I could have asked for a more compatible partner in the sense that we both idolize shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, you name it. We agreed to purchase items only from the stores mentioned above. Nothing new, other than
candy items, or other food stuffs. Just look at the multitude and variety of goodies. She even found an old Frigidaire ice tray, you know, the metal kind you freeze and then pull the handle to loosen, and filled it will all kinds of trinkets. I washed it up and put it in the freezer. The ice cubes from that things are huge to say the least.
She even wrapped it in a beautiful piece of purple netting and tied it with a huge baby blue bow. I loved the miniature white metal chair, the beautiful blue bottle and the vintage Avon cold cream jar.
It doesn't get much cooler than that! As a matter of fact, check out this sweet little hand mirror. On the left side is a butterfly perched on a tiny spring. The paisley metal box was
filled with a pretty flower rubber stamp, wire/fabric leaves and vintage cutouts. I don't know if you can see the multi-colored candy necklace next to the beautiful pink dinner gloves. A personal favorite of mine.
Look at the beautiful wooden music box/jewelry box adorned with glass flowers. It plays "Theme from Love Story", which I love.
Kudos to you Renee and to the Parasols swap ladies at Sweet Goodness Swaps.

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sherry said...

You got a great package from your swap partner. I had a hard time deciding what to purchase for this swap. None of my mine was from the places you mentioned, probably should have been. Thanks for sharing your loot with us.

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