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Monday, June 2, 2008


I just finished my 2-page spread in Rho's Book, on the Yahoo Groups' RoundRobinExpress ongoing Altered Book and other items swaps. We are having so much fun over there. Right now we have 8, very creative and enthusiastic women. We are a fabulous group.

This spread was fun because Rho, like myself, loves vintage pin-up art and because I'm having so much fun with matting photos lately, I decided to matte this awesome find-of-a-photo in a sepia-toned, velvet matte, that my friend Andy gave to me when she donated her "scraps" my way. She is an AWESOME picture framer/matte cutter/ artiste, by the way!!!! I then used my new scruffed up checkerboard background stamp on the other side and added many embellishments to the piece. I hate that the camera doesn't show them all, but if you use your imagination...

I've been soooooo tired lately due to my allergies and this heat/wind thing going on with the weather. I used to try to blog every day or every other day, as I vowed to myself that I'm not going to turn into a once-a-week/month blogger, so I'm still hanging in there.

I am doing a circle journey (journal) back and forth with my friend Kimberly T., in California (a cool mail blog idea that was introduced to me by my good friend and sister chick Dawn (jeez I mention her a lot. She's gonna think I like her a lot or something - *grin*)). I got home today to find a large package in the mailbox containing her next installment in the journal, along with fabulous goodies and belated birthday wishes and presents. That sure perked up my afternoon. It's been a long, hard couple of weeks. Is anyone else having those lately? I have a feeling it's a lot to do with the weather. I think I'll go lay in bed and read her journal entry before nodding off.

Signing off for now, and please always remember and don't ever forget, it takes one to know one, but only you can prevent forest fires (See? I'm right out there in left field.)


rho said...

i'm so excited!!! this is in MY book!!! i can't wait to see it in person! kimberly it looks awesome.

mystressladybug said...

hey kim. whats a circle journey (journal)?

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