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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Another trip to the thrift store, and I found another lonely metal box. This one however, was the 4x6 size, as opposed to the box below. Instead of the old green color, this box was slate gray and came with a great set of alphabet tabs.

I love to collage and decoupage, and I thought about what this box wanted, as a recipe box, for its new appearance. I came up with the idea of running off copies of my grandmother
's recipe book, which thankfully the pages were already yellowed, and decoupaging them onto the box.
The cool part about the way they actually laid out, is that some of the recipes are still able to be read entirely, and I can just make them just reading them off of the box.

On the bottom I used some clear glass rocks for feet. For the handle I found a beautiful gold drawer pull. I sprayed the inside black and the whole thing was sprayed with lacquer to finish it off. I spent the day organizing my recipes in my new, 4x6 original recipe (no pun intended) box.


ArtsyMama said...

Really neat! Love it:)

Brice said...

i love that idea for the box. it is soooooooooooooooooo awsome. ur very talented. now u can decide what u want even before u open the box!!!

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