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Sunday, June 15, 2008


We had a great father's day bash at my house today, with my mom, my son, my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew. We made a huge breakfast and made "omelets in a bag", which was fun for everyone because essentially the kids got to crack their eggs, put them in the bag, add the ingredients they wanted in their omelet, and put their name on the bag. I dropped all the bags into a large pot of rapid boiling water, and presto, 5 minutes later, instant omelets that were fun to make.

My brother is the only male in our family right now who is with us here and he gets to be our "token father". I got to celebrate father's day as well because Brice has no father and no grandfather. I am both mother and father to him and my mom is both grandmother and grandfather, so it was really a fun day for everyone. We are so out there, I love it.

One thing I love about my niece Sarah, is that she loves the camera and she is willing to pose for me at any time, and does a great job, at only 11, at following my every direction to pose her. I think she may already know her future calling. This one's going up on the photo wall.


Dawn said...

this is beautiful and I swear, she looks like you must have at that age! been under the weather last few days, and am in between travel weekends, so you won't see much updating from me til next week.

Lizbethem said...

What kind of bag?

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