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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Who knew altering milk and juice cartons could be so fun. This was the first one I altered and I did it because I am in the Art in a Carton Swap (see details in post below). After I painted the carton this awesome, kind of antique blue/gray color, it resembled a color I had seen in an old house I was in when I lived in Virginia for a couple of years. I then found some old wallpaper patterns and created the same "wall" on all four sides of the carton.

Then I thought, okay, now what to do with the walls. Having the photographers itch all the time, the first thing I thought of was that a wall needs a picture and these walls need vintage pictures.

I was finally able to use that old picture of Natalie Wood I discovered in one of my grandmother's old frames. On the three remaining sides I put pictures of vintage women I have been collecting over time.

I discovered the cutest little gold brads, some round and some square, and I also found some matching gold wire. The two of them made a perfect combination for wire to hang a picture with and the "nail" in the wall.

I'm really excited now to get started on creating the things that will go inside the carton. I have to make two more to fulfill the swap criteria, but I have a while to do that as I am still awaiting my original carton from our hostess. She has a lot on her plate and I like that I am going to have plenty of time to get the three cartons and their insides ready to ship.


rho said...

very cool! i haven't started mine yet, but i will soon! i am kicking around some idea of what to do... we'll see how it goes! and i really can't wait to make something to go inside them! lol very fun!

Allison said...

This is such a unique design...I have a friend who dabbles in this type of art so I am off to share your blog...cheers!

marciglenn said...

Wow, I love these cartons! What a great idea to make the sides look like walls and hang pictures from them. Very creative. I love your blog!

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