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Monday, May 26, 2008

Second Thrift Store Transformation

Okay, technically this is an altered book cover, but I did get the book from that last trip to the thrift store. I really enjoyed taking this forest green book and cutting out the center of the cover and painting it white. I usually take light colored books and darken them and add a leather-like finish, but I wanted to see how it would look if I lightened a book for once. You can't really see all the texture in this picture, but the white looks great over the top of it and the texture shows through just fine. I don't know why, but I seem to find more creative expression with thrift store finds. Maybe it's because they come from other places and were used forother things. They had lives of their own before I found them and changed their destiny. They lived with other people and were created in other areas of the world. When I bring them home, it's kind of like, if I listen to them, they tell me what they want to be turned into. I'm sure this sounds really wacky, but that so totally me--wacky!! I feel the same way about books that I alter. Imagine how many people, especially with old library books, have read them, laid them on different surfaces, put various things in between their pages to mark their spot, taken them to how many homes and offices and restaurants and cafes to be read. There are almost unphathomable possibilities in each scenario. This book used to be a library book in our local library and it came from the larger county library, which probably obtained it from a supplier of sorts who got it from a publishing house who bought the rights from the author. Never mind where it went in between all of those places. It's just so cool. Anyway, this book spoke to me as wanting to be light in color and pampered. I am going to save it for a future round robin--one where the theme is of a gentle nature. She is yearning to be a high society book.

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