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Monday, May 26, 2008


I spent part of the weekend working on this key holder. This wooden frame, which, by the way the back was rigged, used to house a mirror, was a pretty awesome find from my previous posting of items I found at the thrift store. I stared at it for hours, off and on, and decided it needed to live in the kitchen as a vintage key holder, and then we could eliminate the sad little white hook which hung half-in and half-out of the wall from the pressure of too many keys. I used wire to suspend the woman. She reminds me of one of those 1930's flapper women with the brightest red lipstick on the face of the planet. I dove into my vintage bottle collection and found two bottles that were just right for the freshly collaged shelf. Now, when I enter the kitchen, she's the first thing I see. My mom came over the other day and noticed her right off. She seemed to like her. I love thrift store findings and was ecstatic about this one.


Dawn said...

Love it! She is gorgeous, and I love the way you "hung" her, all dream-catcher style. You are really going to town with this altered art thing. Good for you!

rho said...

i think this transformation is terrific. great job! i've never tried suspending something like that... might have to try it!

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