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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Wow - Look what I got in the mail today!!! My items arrived for the Preppy Spring Swap from Cassie in Florida. Look at the cool stuff. We were to send six items, the theme being preppy and pink and green, and each item was for the word "SPRING", i.e. Special green wallet, pink slippers, etc. Those slippers by the way are tres comfortable. Cassie and I found we had so much in common. We both like to shop so we went way over the six item limit and we each strayed a bit from the color scheme, but that just couldn't be helped. That purple bath towel is so pretty and one of my favorite colors as well. I loved the journal and the book about the Madison County covered bridges, and, well, the vase, the lotions, the icicle makers, the paper clips, notes with envelopes, clear lip gloss, ribbons, Hot Tamales, "K" sticky note pads, and everything else. Plus, it was all cleverly put together in a green plastic bin with my initials on the outside and the word "create" on the inside. Talk about a classy, fun and exciting package to receive in the mail. Woo hoooooo. That has made my week. Thank you Cassie and thank you Connecticut Charm for hosting this fabulous swap. I can't wait to check out everyone else's blogs to see what they got.

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