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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today is the first mailing date for our round robin on my Altered Book Yahoo Group. We now have six people in the round and the mailing sequence pretty much makes a trip in a nice circle around the U.S.

I am so excited that this came together. The Altered Art Books Group on Yahoo has over 1,700 members and while I was in it, I couldn't tell who was doing what or talking to who, or what round robins were going on where.

My Round Robin Express Group will remain small and therefore, manageable. I hope everyone in it stays enthusiastic and diligent in meeting their deadlines. That way, everything will run smoothly.

Once we have about 20 people, we are going to break down into two groups of 10 for the robins and I'm not sure that I will let more than 20 people join at a time. If anyone wants to join, please stop by. There is a Yahoo button on the left that will get you there, but you can't do much looking around unless you join. Please don't join just to look, though. I have a strict "no lurking" policy in place and it just wastes your time and mine. Looking for serious and dedicated people only.

Have a wonderful day.

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