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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I finally finished my swap items for my two partners for the Easter Bunny's Chicks' Easter Swap. I have to say, I thought they were so cute, I had a hard time mailing them out. I put a LOT of work into them and was very proud of the finished product. I am going to post pictures of them, but not until my swap buddies let me know they have received them. This could be a while as one of them is in Sweden. So, forCRYeye and Lev Livit Leende, please post a comment here when you have recieved your items so I know you have them.

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Okay so tomorrow the items are going to be posted on the Easter Bunny's Chicks' site, so I thought I would go ahead and post the pictures of the items I made for my two swap partners. They are tea light holders that double as candy dishes. I did a vintage decoupage on them and a couple of layers of varnish. One was for Paula at
forCRYeye and one for Elisabeth at Lev Livet Leende. Here they are:

I filled each one with chocolate Nestle Crunch
aster eggs, and tea light candles, intermixed. I was so excited that Paula really liked hers (see comment). I haven't yet heard from Elisabeth though.


PLO said...

OH MAN! I am the lukiest girl in the world. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my present! It is so beautiful, and it even has my name on it. It really brightened my day as well! Thank you! Paula

Kimberly Miller said...

Yay Paula, I'm so glad it got to you safely and that you liked it. I was worried about breakage and meltage. Thanks for the fabulous post. You made my day.

Kimberly Miller said...

I will post the items soon

Elisabeth said...

Kimberly - You made my day!!!
It really brought me a warm feeling to recieve your beatiful crafted jar filled with JOY!!! :)
Thank You ever ever EVER so much! You and Paula will have yours by the beginning of the following week - så its a little more "will-woek-all-year-around"... :)
And Kimberly Thank You for making the effort to find Happy Easter on my language!!! :)

Thank You!!!

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