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I’M FINE WITH THAT… How many times have you said or thought things like, “I’m fine with that,” “I’m not in love with you,” “That’s okay with me,” I’m not hurt,” “It really doesn’t matter,” or “I’m not upset,” and meant the exact opposite? We spend so much time worrying about what other people think and faking our feelings that after awhile, we even begin to believe them ourselves.  Being a person with HSP trait, I have spent my entire life not understanding why I try so hard to never let people know the real me and now that I fully understand the trait, the answer is obvious…if they know me, they will/can hurt me (at least that’s right where my thought process has always gone).   We need to learn that there is no safeguard…ever, and accept that and find the coping skills we need for that harsh fact and then it won’t be harsh.  We are either brave enough to show ourselves to the world each and every time we interact with it, or we aren’t and we live in a shell trying to