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A LION JUMPED IN FRONT OF MY CAR… © June 1, 2017 …but I sat there and waited it out, he left and I moved on with my day.  There’s no home safe enough, no relationship secure enough, no person sane enough, no situation perfect enough to escape change…and I should know as I have fought it every step of the way since the day I was blessed into this world.  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to fears and “what-if’s.”  Those of us with huge imaginations go one step further because if we run out of things to fear, we just make up stuff, and not even on purpose…lol…sad, but true. What if a lion did jump in front of your car…what would you do?  If you think about it, there is no other choice but for it to work out.  If you stay in your car, it would realize it couldn’t get to you even if it wanted to and move on down the road, if it were even curious about you in the first place…you would then go on with your journey and that situation would have worked out just fine.  W