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Sunday, May 21, 2017


May 21, 2017 - Kimberly D Miller

One of the toughest questions to answer on this planet and in this realm, at least for a lot of us, is..."Who am I?"  At birth we are the purest form of who we are, but then, as we grow and change, we become a product of our upbringing and our environments which can oft times be detrimental as it deters us from being who we are truly meant to be.  We end up making decisions based on who we think we are at the time, but if we are not being true to ourselves, we end up in situations that will cause us to be very unhappy at the core of our being due to those decisions not being right for whom we are truly meant to be.

At this point you may have a burning desire to pose the question, “Ok, then how do I find out who I really am?”  To that I answer, “Very carefully.”  You have to let it come to you…you have to listen and feel…then you have to trust those feelings and respond accordingly.  You know how sometimes you just know things…you don’t know how or why you know them, you just know them?  This is when you trust…this is when you heed your gut feeling and either move forward or veer from the path you are considering.  Some call this a leap of faith, but if you trust in what you are feeling, you aren’t leaping at all…just having faith.  Trust is a tough issue, but when you have trusted your gut for a long period of time and learned so many valuable lessons in doing so, it will become second nature for you to do so.  You will then increase the amount of times you listen and act on your gut feelings and your life will increase in positivity and happiness exponentially. 

Honesty is the other main ingredient.  Not only do you need to be gut-wrenchingly honest with others, you need to do the same with yourself.  Stop living your life to please other people because if you live against the grain of all things that make you truly happy, then you will find yourself at the end of your life with so many regrets.  People either accept you for who you are, or they don’t…it’s that simple.  Believe me, if they don’t, you are much better off without them in your life because they will only bring negativity and toxicity and at some point, you will start to believe them.  Search yourself long and hard before making decisions based on what other people have “advised” or passed judgment on.  You live your life for you, not for others.  Be honest with yourself about your strengths and your likes, and find things you love to do…places you love to be…and people who only add happiness, positivity and joy to your life and honor those feelings and choices as they are a part of the real you.

There is no more comfortable a skin to live in, than in the person you are truly meant to be.  Honesty, trust and faith are your stepping stones on the path to that reveal and in time, you will walk around a corner and find who you are meant to be standing right in front of you…it’s an amazing discovery and never a truer simpatico relationship exists. 

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