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Sunday, January 8, 2017


I love the term, “Crazy.” Its root word, “Craze,” is defined as something of interest that really caught on for a fad. I have been “crazy” since birth in all senses of the word...diagnosed with this...afflicted with a matter of fact, my most recent diagnosis was that of OCPD. I'm kind of making it into a contest to see how many diagnoses of psychiatric acronyms I can acquire so that I can string them all together and create an amazing word scramble to use on my Christmas cards...that would be so fun (at least according to my warped sense of humor). I could even write the acronym vertically and morph each letter into a series of words like: One Crazy & Psychotic Dame...oooh that's a good one.

On the plus side however, having been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) a number of years ago, and now OCPD (obsessive, compulsive personality disorder), led me to the self-realization that I do have a personality, if not several. I consider that a real accomplishment. Some people never master even one. LOL.

I believe that crazy is as crazy does...I mean, there are various forms of crazy and various interpretations of the word, but I believe it doesn't have to necessarily have negative connotations for those of us who are, what I would term to be “functional,” in the sense that with or without medication we can be valuable and productive members of society....and, because of the crazy, we always have an amazing sense of humor. Did you hear the one about the dry cleaner and the rabi? If we were all born with the same personality and the same sense of “normal” (a term I abhor by the way), the world would be a very, very dull and dry place to live. Can you imagine? Everyone would have the same response and reaction to every situation, much like the movie, The Stepford Wives, a classic which must not go unseen.

Even though there are not many people in this realm who understand or “get” me due to my “crazy,” unique personality and with all of my “quirks,” I have come to love these qualities in myself. I myself love people who identify as crazy and who are so unique the rest of the world just doesn't seem to “get” them. I hope if you possess these qualities in any way, or are close to someone who does, that you will be accepting and loving and above all, tolerant and patient because the person in your life who possesses all this “crazy,” is a person worth loving for all he/she is. Embrace the unique!!!

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