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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Have you ever seen your universe?  This may sound like an odd question, but it is possible and it is real.  Our mortality as we know it, is a vibration, as is everything that makes up our “reality”… the things we see, feel, hear, taste an smell…everything we know as “physical” and real. 

If you ever want to experience an “out-of-body” sensation, try this:  Focus on the sky and just stare at it for a bit.  Now, as you stare you should start to notice billions of tiny particles floating all over…so many of them that there doesn't seem to be room for all of them.  Now focus on the particles and as you do, realize that everything about you is made up of just these particles…so is everyone and everything around you. 

Why would I want to realize such a thing about my life you might ask?  Simple.  Because if you ever start taking things too seriously and feeling overwhelmed and stressed about physical things, i.e., money, work, bills, possessions, etc., this can bring you back to perspective.  This will help you to realize that your perception is your life. 

You hear people say that your attitude is key to your life.  This is why.  When you are positive and your outlook is positive, you create positive vibrations in your universe.  The same happens if your are negative, so ultimately it is YOUR choice.  Always has been.  We are given free-will to make the choices that affect us and our worlds.  Things rarely just happen to us without being the results and consequences of our decisions. 

Change is constant and inevitable.  It is what everything is all about.  I don't know about you, but I want MY changes to all be positive and joyful.  The next time you find yourself stressing or worrying about something as simple as material things, stare out into space, focus on the floating particles or atoms, and try to see the bigger picture.  It makes everything else seem so unimportant.

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